The DAO on a Mission to Share More!


About Us

We’re The GnarAF DAO.  We've discovered that life is Gnar AF. What does this mean? In short, life is a fucking trip, man.  But we’ll elaborate further.

There are nearly 8 billion perspectives on the world and counting.  The web brought us together like never before, changing how we share our different perspectives through the universal language of art. Completely subjective and unabashedly human, art drives our culture to new places and forces us to think, to feel, and sometimes, emote.  Other times art is incredibly absurd and for that very reason alone it should be treasured. Art is the result of experience and perspective.  In all reality, art is life and life is art. 

Creativity abounds in web3, but only a small fraction of the world has made the leap into the Age of Tokenization.  The Gnar AF DAO wants to change this.  We will introduce people to NFTs without requiring them to setup a wallet or buy any crypto.  Instead, they will have thousands of options that will satisfy any individual looking for a Gnar AF gear. Boom!  You are now a part of web3.  Welcome to the future.  You’ll never look back. Everything is GnarAF – The GnarFather

DAO Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission – to bring web3 art into every town

Vision – to become a leading NFT-customized apparel and merchandise company while empowering our members to explore their creativity and share in our collective success 

DAO Values

  1. Grateful – We appreciate what we have and want to share our blessings
  2. Nimble – We embrace new ideas and put them into action
  3. Accepting – We are open to everyone and 1 Membership = 1 Membership
  4. Responsibility – We hold ourselves accountable through transparency on the blockchain
  5. Abundance – We believe there is more than enough for everyone to thrive
  6. Family – We are a GnarAF family and we love to collaborate